Rainbow Riches Cheats

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Rainbow Riches Cheats

There is hardly anyone in the slot-world who hasn’t heard about the Rainbow Riches slot games. First adopted in 2013, from their land-based fruit machines avatar, this online video slots series from Barcrest (Scientific Games) is nothing less than legendary. But have you heard about the Rainbow Riches cheats? Read this cheat page and then sign up via one of our featured sites below.

Are There Any Real Rainbow Riches Cheats?

rainbow riches cheats and tricksAlthough they all have the same leprechaun on the reels, Rainbow Riches slots come with different features and game mechanics. Also, there are too many of them. So, how do you cut through the clutter and pick a game that gives you the best chance at winning? Here are some basic Rainbow Riches cheats to pick the best games:

Choose a Slot Based on Bonus Features

It is a bit difficult to compare all the Rainbow Riches slots. However, we do know that all of them do not have identical features. In fact, there is no guarantee that bonus rounds with same names will have exactly the same prizes in two slot games. Take the example of the Wishing Well feature where the maximum prize varies according to the variation of the game you are playing (we will elaborate on this later in this post). So, the first Rainbow Riches cheats is to pick the game what promises the highest payouts.

Play with highest RTP

On Rainbow Riches cheats list, number two is the Big Bets feature. And the tip is to always play on this mode! If you have ever played the RR slots, you know what we are talking about. All Rainbow Riches online slots have a high RTP (return to player) range. So, if you play on the standard mode, you get the lowest RTP the game has to offer. This usually hovers around 93 to 94%. However, if you bet big, the RTP immediately shoots up to around 97% to even 99% in some games. And that can make a big difference!

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Now that you are aware of the basics Rainbow Riches cheats, let’s make things a bit more interesting. Here are some lesser-known Rainbow Riches cheats:

Rainbow Riches Cheat 1: Select Only One Bonus Feature

In the Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slot, you are allowed to pick up to three features. However, it is not mandatory to choose all three. This Rainbow Riches cheats sheet says be less greedy!

By selecting just one feature, you increase the odds of landing the winning combination of that bonus. However, remember to select the feature with the highest payouts. Although they may not appear instantaneously, the big prize is worth the wait. So, for instance, say, you pick the ‘Pots of Gold’ feature as it has one the highest payouts. It is a feature hard to land and you may have to wait for a long time before it appears on the reel. The trick here is to keep betting the smallest denomination possible and keep spinning the wheel till you win. So, this requires some money management skills as well.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 1: Select only one bonus feature


If you want more frequent wins, the Rainbow Riches cheats sheet says go for either the Leprechauns or the Mushrooms bonus. These have a more frequently hit rate. Although they might not be the high-value features, they can accumulate larger wins little by little.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 2: Use the Super Spins

The is one of the riskier tips among the Rainbow Riches cheats. It can either land you with a big win or, swing completely in the opposite direction, and you may end up losing quite a lot. So, be careful while trying this hack.

To activate the Super Spins, you need to bet £20 per spin. This feature does two things for you. One, it instantly increases your RTP to the highest available in that slot game, which is usually a jump from the standard 94% to 97-98%. Statistically, that is huge. In fact, it can become the difference between you going home broke or rich. However, as you know that the Big Bets feature will do the same trick for much lesser betting value. So why chose Super Spins? Remember we said that Super Spins does two things.

Wild and Sticky

The second thing that this feature does and the Big Bets feature doesn’t is that it makes the winning symbols both wild and sticky. So, say you have selected the ‘Pots of Gold’ feature. Then, the pots symbols will act as wild and also stick on the reels. Here, the stickiness is particularly important. This is because, if you land two pots during your first few super spins, then you’ll just need one more pot to win the grand prize. And since you choose only feature (as advised above), you’ll have an even higher chance of landing the combination compared to someone who has selected multiple bonus features.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 2: Use the Super Spins


The biggest risk of using this cheat is that it can turn out to be very expensive. If luck is not on your side, betting £20 per spin can pretty soon sink you. Therefore, a good idea is to pre-set a betting limit. For example, you can decide that you’ll only play 10 Super Spins rounds and therefore cap your total bet at £200.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 3: Choose Golden Charms

Here is another easy tip to implement from the Rainbow Riches cheats list. The Wishing Well isn’t exactly the highest paying bonus round. In fact, the lowest win is a mere £2. However, the maximum win can range from £15 to £50. And you should not leave this to fate. The £50 win is only available on the Golden Charms variation of the game. Make sure you select that! The Fields of Gold variation offers a maximum prize of £25, while the reward in all other standard Rainbow Riches games is capped at £15.

Apart from choosing Golden Charms games, there is one other little trick you can try. When you enter this bonus round, do not make a move for the prize. Instead, let the session time out. Although there is no guarantee, as per the Rainbow Riches cheats grapevine, there is a high chance that you might land the top prize.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 4: The Leprechaun Bonus

Although the Rainbow Riches slots come with more or less standard features, there are a few hidden bonuses in between the reels that many aren’t aware of. For instance, the ‘Leprechaun bonus’. It activates when you land three to five leprechauns on the reels and you can win up to £500. However, you can also end up winning just £8 to £12, which is the lowest prize money for landing the combination. So, why does reward fluctuate so much? Rumour has it that it depends on the bet value and you can win the top prize only if you had wagered at least £70 on that particular spin. Also, the amount can increase if you land more than five leprechauns. But that reward system is quite random as well.

Rainbow Riches Cheat 5: The Clover Trick

Did you like the Super Spins Rainbow Riches slot trick? Now try the mega version of it. In the original version of Pots of Gold, there is a Mega Spins option, which requires you to bet £20 per spin. In exchange, you are given 5  spins. So, technically you are betting £4 a spin. Like in the Super Spins feature, this too increases your RTP slightly. However, that is not Mega Spins’ selling point.

The Clover Trick


This feature’s USP is the Lucky Clover bonus that gets awarded to you at the end of the 5 spins, provided you had a reel win of £5 or above during any one of the 5 spins. If you land the Lucky Clover, you get prize money 4x times your bet. Along with that, you are rewarded with multiple bonus rounds that include the Leprechaun’s bonus, Super Leprechaun’s and the grand Pots of Gold bonus itself, which means huge chances of big wins!

Rainbow Riches Cheats and Tricks for Slot Machines

Compared to the online slots, Rainbow Riches pub slots are just vanilla fruit machines with standard features. Even then, there are a few bonus easter eggs hidden in the reels of these simple slot machines.

Take for instance the original Rainbow Riches slot. This slot has a very interesting Pots of Gold gamble round. If you win £12 or more in this round, you can tip the game towards your side by making the maximum bet. If you believe the hearsay, there is a good chance of winning £150 or more by doing so.

If you are among the minority and haven’t come across this famous Irish-themed series yet, don’t worry, we have got your back. You can read our in-depth review and analysis of the whole Rainbow Riches series and be on the same page with the rest of us within minutes! We have also reviewed most of the RR series games individually. So, if you are interested in any particular instalment of the game, like Drops of Gold, Fortune Favours, Rainbow Riches Free Spins, Home Sweet Home and such, just search our site for that particular title.

Since it is such a popular game, many fans have observed patterns in the reels and have developed theories, tips, tricks and hacks to beat the online slots.

Are You Ready to Play Rainbow Riches Slot Games?

Now that you know all the secret windows and doors to the Rainbow Riches world, it’s time to dive deeper! How, you ask? By actually playing the games. After all, practice makes a man perfect. Talking about practice, here is one last hack. Make sure you choose a great UK slot site that either gives you free spins or bonus cash on Rainbow Riches slots. This way, you can test the above tips and tricks without risking your own bankroll. Brilliant idea, right?

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